Ed plays solo piano as well as having a Trio, a Quartet, a Quintet, and occasionally an eight-piece group. Ed has played with the Lincoln Land Jazz Band for a few years. Ed is always thankful to his wife, Kara, and all of his family and friends for their love and support of his music. Most of all, Ed is thankful to God for the gift of music that has been given to him. Seeing people enjoy the music he plays makes it all worthwhile.





Below is a list of a few of the fine musicians in the Springfield area that Ed esteems for their talent.

Jane Hartman of Springfield, Il.

"I feel extremely blessed to have Jane Hartman as a dear friend. Jane is a wonderful pianist with a wide range of music styles from Gospel to pop to jazz including vocals. Whether playing solo piano or with her trio she is definitely a class act. Jane’s unique style and musical talent inspire all those who come in contact with her. Thanks Jane!"

Ella Mae Chillovich of Springfield, Il.

"Ella is a true class act! She has been a real treat to hear these past years and I hope to continue to glean from her smooth style and classy sound."

Ed first met Ella Mae at Bauer’s restaurant and would stop in to listen to her quite often. After being at Bauer’s for many years she left and began playing at Arturo’s. That is when she recommended that Bauer’s hire Ed. Ed performed there for three years on many Friday and Saturday nights playing the great songs of today and yesterday until they closed in 1999.